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Remember the name of the counter you like, as you will need to enter it in the following line of command:

Place the following lines on the page you wish to count.

<img src="http://linux.braslink.com/counter/counter.cgi?-iinitial count+-wnumber of digits+-name of counter+domain_page">

Please observe the following guidelines:

INITIAL COUNT: number at which counter should begin when activated. This parameter will only take effect when the counter is created, but should remain in the command line even after it has been created.
If you would like the counter to begin at zero, the command entered should be -i0. If you would like your counter to begin at 120, 000, the command should be -i120000

NUMBER OF DIGITS: number of digits that will be displayed on the counter. If you use 0 (zero), then only the number of hits will be displayed with no additional numbers.
If the number of hits your domain has is 123 and you
enter -w6, 00123 will appear. If you place -w8, 00000123 will appear.
If you enter -w0, then only 123 will be displayed.

NAME OF COUNTER: Choose the graphic counter you like best from the list above and enter the name found next to it as the value of this parameter. Example:

DOMAIN_PAGE: This parameter should be regarded carefully, as it is necessary for your counter to work properly.
Enter the full name of the domain hosted by Braslink, including the extensions (.COM.BR for ex.), but without the www.
Next to the name of the domain, place the symbol _ (underscore) and then the name of the page to be counted.
Let's supposed your domain is www.abc.com.br and you want to count the access hits of the page "index.htm"
You should enter the parameter:

Note: The counters will only work for domains hosted with Braslink.
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