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Security Policy

Braslink uses internal system procedures that have been very carefully studied and examined to protect your information and the internal security of websites hosted by your clients.

For this service :

- Firewall:
We use a firewall in our server, blocking all non-private doors and only publicly allowing common services (http, https, SMTP, POP, IMAP).

- Logs
We rely on registration logs for any changes our customers may make for the majority of services that involve data security (FTP, Control Panel, email maintenance). The customer's IP (Internet Protocol) address, date and time are recorded when any changes are made or any time these resources are accessed.

- Backup
The content of our hosting customer's websites and data bases are copied (backups created) daily and copies are stored in 3 separate geographic locations, guaranteeing the utmost security in the case of catastrophes, server errors, or simply mistakes made by the user. This information is stored for 45 days and is available to our customers whenever needed and while they are active customers.
As a maximum security precaution, we ask that our customers always maintain an updated copy of their information on local computers. If the customer wishes, we may provide him or her with an already compacted copy at no additional charge.

- Website Hosting
We use rules and scripts to block commands and forms of attack through DOS, as well as regularly update our security packets as updates become available from the manufacturer for each operating system and/or software installed in our servers.
We periodically update tested and proven patches for increased security. We always choose software versions considering security and compatibility. While all our servers are protected by anti-virus software, we periodically scan them for any abnormal activities such as rootkits, worms, Trojan horses, etc.

- SQL Data Bases
Controlled access is given only to IPs previously registered through our Control Panel.

- Control Panel
Accessible only with a valid password and login known only to the hosting customer. The information updated in the Control Panel are encrypted and protected by safety certificates of 128 bits. All accesses to the Control Panel are registered and shown to the customer through the Panel itself.

- Braslink Internal Network
We have a "NIDS" (network intrusion detection system) installed in our server. It analyzes each packet entering and leaving our network for attacks, worms, viruses, and hacking attempts.
- A remote security system checks the services of our servers every 3 minutes and restarts them in the case of abnormal stoppage, with direct communication of the irregularities to our technicians.

- Redundant Links
All our servers in Miami are connected to redundant and independent servers, all of the same capacity (100Mbps each), with distinct backbones and with no common points, which guarantees 99.9% of online air time.
In case one of our logical circuits crashes, the other automatically takes over in a maximum time of 3 minutes.
Our servers are published on diverse backbones using our AS (autonomous system) through BGP4 servers, guaranteeing that there will always be multiple routes to our servers.

- Physical Security
Our servers are stored in the best and most secure DataCenters with rigorous standards for temperature control, humidity control, and air circulation.
Theses facilities are equipped with fire detectors and extinguishing systems and are protected against hurricanes, floods and other natural phenomenons.
Security- 24 hours through both motion and sound recordings of all activities in the Data Centers. Employee and visitor movement is recorded at the front desk, including visitation hours and visitor identification.

- Electronic Network
We use a NoBreak- UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) technology with multiple exit circuits, equipped with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) that guarantee redundancy in our electronic servers, which promises automatic and non-interrupted transfer of servers during any system failures or any problems with electrical circuits.
We also depend on a generator that works for up to 7 days without being recharged.
Also standard is our remote power control of servers, which allows servers to be turned on and off through the TCP-IP program, which is used by our co-location customers.


We use message filters that update virus lists hourly and notifies the user of any infiltration by a virus as well as information on the type of virus.
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