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Privacy Policy

Braslink Network respects your privacy.
Our privacy policy is meant to express our preoccupation with guaranteeing your safety when submitting information electronically.
You have our guarantee that we will not divulge your personal information in any way that is not compatible with this Privacy Policy.

This Policy protects your privacy in the following manner:

Guarantees made by Braslink:

-To take the necessary precautions to protect your personal information from losses, improper use, non-authorized access and release, and changes or deletion.
-To take all the necessary precautions to guarantee that your personal information will only be used for the purpose it was intended for.
-To use methods that guarantee that your information will be protected, and
-To allow you to access your information and change it or update it as you deem necessary.

Knowing our Customers

The personal information you have entered on our website covered under this Privacy Policy extend from registration to payment information.
The forms for domain registration services and request for hosting found on our websites pertain to your information.
All the information we ask for when you purchase one of our services must be entered, unless there is a problem with one of our forms.
When you purchase our services, you agree to maintain this information correctly updated and completed at all times.
After you request our services, we may contact you about your account to clarify any technical questions you may have regarding the contracted services or anything else regarding your purchase.
This type of communication is essential in order for us to continue offering services that fit your needs. This communication will also allow us to understand how we can better our services.
Therefore, we may maintain this information for future use.
So we can better the quality of our services, we monitor the way the information and services on our website are used and how often, by maintaining logs of the files and pages accessed on our website.
The information that we receive is stored in our system in order to prevent the loss, improper or non-authorized use, and changes or deletion of this information. We also encrypt the transmission of sensitive information, such as credit card and account numbers, with the intention of protecting your privacy and the integrity of this information.
Transactions completed in our control panel and purchase information use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when the information is transferred from your connection to our system. You can click on the image of the lock on your browser to verify the authenticity of any of our SSL certificates.

Third Party Advertising and Cookies

We use third party advertising on our website.
When these advertisements are made, these companies may place or recognize a cookie on your computer and may use this information (which will not include your name, address, email, or telephone number) to log your visit and this website or others may use it to verify the efficacy of their advertising and also to offer products or services that may be of interest to you.
Braslink Network does not share the information about the use of our websites with any other company or advertising agency.
Braslink Network does not inform others of your email address or any other information you have provided us.

Alteration of Information

You may correct or change the information on your account.
The process of changing your information should be made through our control panel, which can be accessed from the homepage of our website.
If you need any help making these changes, please feel free to email us with any questions.
We use your information for the purpose of monitoring and bettering our internal system, as well as to guarantee that:
  1. you will be correctly charged,
  2. that your account will be managed according to the contract you have with us
  3. and to furnish all services requested.
We also use your information to identify what parts of our website are used the most by our customers, striving to better those segments so that we can meet the needs of a larger number of clients.
We may also analyze statistics based on client names, types of browsers, and types of MIME, by accessing the information contained in your browsers.
Cookies are also used to facilitate our customer's access to our services. A cookie is a small information file that some websites plant on your computer when you visit their websites.
A cookie may contain information about the identity of the user, which the site uses to identify the pages you visited.
The only personal information that these cookies may contain are those that have been entered by you. A cookie does not read any other information from your computer or have access to the information contained by other cookies created by other websites.
We do not use cookies to analyze the history of your accesses to our websites (like described above) when you subscribe to any of Braslink Network's services.
When you login to our control panel, we use a cookie to store your password and login and with that information, we are able to anonymously identify you in our data base.
If you have set up your browser to alert you before accepting cookies, you will receive a notice with every cookie. You can refuse to accept cookies through your browser; however, some of our pages will not work correctly if the cookie is rejected.
Finally, we use the information entered on our website to send you important information regarding your account or services, as well as to divulge general information that may be of interest to you, including news, surveys and information on products we offer. Please note that to complete our services and to guarantee that there will be no interruptions in service, we need to continue sending you messages regarding your account.

With whom we may share this information

According to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) rules, the information pertaining to a registration are public and we collect the information entered during your registration, including the name, telephone, and emails addresses of the contact person of your website and we publish this information through our website. The published information is not what appears in our database but what appears in the data base of the official registrars responsible for your domain.
The information stored in our data base is not published, except if it coincide with the information stored on the data bases of the official registrars.
We also make information pertaining to open invoices available directly on our website, and allow payments of such online. If you do not wish for this information to appear publicly on our website, you may request that it be restricted and only accessible with a password.
We may share your information with our employees responsible for your account or with those responsible for the services your requested. While we may share financial information (credit cards, bank accounts), secure information (account passwords), and personal communications (access to your personal email messages) for certain employees when necessary, we will never share this information with third parties, unless legally ordered by a court of law.
In addition to our privacy protection policy, we guarantee that our employees, agents, and affiliates are independently responsible for ensuring that this policy is followed as described below.

Employee Responsibilities

Only Braslink Network employees that have valid reasons to access your personal information are authorized to do so. Any use or access by employees that have not been authorized are prohibited and will lead to disciplinary actions.

Also, our information management system is configured so that employees are blocked from this information unless they are have proper authorization.

Responsibilities of agents and affiliates of Braslink Network

Our vendors and affiliates are responsible for the processing of certain information that we receive.
These vendors and affiliates are not authorized to use this information for any means not directly specified by us and must maintain this information protected and confidential.

In case you believe Braslink Network or any of its agents, representatives or employees are violating our Privacy Policy, please email us at hostmaster@braslink.com

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