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FormMail is an interface used to generate forms with results sent via email.
Only two fields must be added to your existing form for this script to work and for you to begin receiving the results via e-mail.
In addition to these two required fields, other 'hidden' fields can be used to personalize your site's FormMail.

Example of form:
<FORM method=POST action="http://linux.braslink.com/cgi-bin/formmail-ml-por.pl">
<INPUT type=hidden name="
recipient" value="your_email_address">
<INPUT type=hidden name="
braslink_auth" value="domain_name">

<INPUT type=hidden name="redirect" value="
<INPUT type=hidden name=required value="email,realname,subject,message">
Your name:  <INPUT type=text name="realname">
Your Email:  <INPUT type=text name="email">
Subject:      <INPUT type=text name="subject"></TD>
Message:  <TEXTAREA name="message" rows=10 cols=40 size="400" wrap=physical></TEXTAREA>

<INPUT type="submit" value="Submit">
<INPUT type="reset" value="Clear">

The ACTION of your form must point to
and the method should be POST or GET in CAPITAL letters.

The first line of your form must be:
<FORM method=POST ou GET action="http://linux.braslink.com/cgi-bin/formmail-ml-por.pl">

Below you will find a list of the fields you can use and how to implement them.

Required fields:
Only two fields are needed for the FormMail to work correctly.
These are the 'recipient' and 'braslink_auth' fields.

field: recipient
Description: This field allows you to specify the address to where the results submitted will be emailed.
input type=hidden name="recipient" value="email@your.host.com"

field: braslink_auth
Description:: This field should contain the complete name of your domain, without the www.
This field verifies that your domain is hosted with Braslink and allows the form to be executed.

<INPUT type=hidden name="braslink_auth" value="name_of_your_domain">

Optional fields:

field: subject
Description: The subject field allows you to specify the subject that will appear on the email sent to you once the form has been filled. If you do not activate this field, ' Preenchimento de Formulario" will appear as the subject
<input type=hidden name="subject" value="E-Mail Subject">
In order for the subject to be chosen by whoever's filling out the form:
<input type=text name="subject">

field: email
Description: This field will allow the user to fill in his or her reply address.
If you want to reply to the received emails, we suggest you include this field in your form and allow the user to fill it in. The value of this field will appear in the FROM: area of the email. If you want the email address format to be verified, include this field name ( email ) in the 'required' field described below. 

<input type=text name="email">

field: realname
Description: The field realname will allow the user to enter his or her name.  The information entered in this field will appear in the FROM field of the received email
<input type=text name="realname">

field: redirect
Description: If you want to forward this user to a page other than the default answer page, you can use this field to send him or her to another HTML page.
To send the user to another page once you have finished filling everything out:
<input type=hidden name="redirect"

field: required
Description: You can choose which fields are required and the form will only be submitted if the information is appropriately entered.
Simply place the names of the required fields as the value of the fields.
To personalize an error page, see 'missing_fields_redirect'
If you want, for example, for the email and telephone fields to be required, enter the command as follows:
<input type=hidden name="required" value="email,phone">

field: env_report
Description: Allows you to have variables included in the message to be received after the form has been completed.

It is useful to know what browser was used, from what domain it came from or other system variables.
Below is a small list of variables that can be useful:
REMOTE_HOST - Sends the name of the host that made the request.
REMOTE_ADDR - Sends the user's IP address
HTTP_USER_AGENT - The browser used to fill out the form
For more information about the system variables, go to
If you want to know the name of the remote host and browser that was used, you must include the following field:
<input type=hidden name="env_report" value="REMOTE_HOST,

field: sort

This field allows you to choose the order in which the entered information will appear in the email.
You can set the fields to appear alphabetically or specify the order in which they will appear. If you do not include this field the order will be the same as the one the browser sends the script, which is usually the same order as it appears on the form. If you want to set the order in which the fields will appear in the email you must include 'order' as the first word of the value of the field sort, and  the names of the fields separated by commas, in the order you wish them to appear, immediately after.

To order alphabetically:
<input type=hidden name="sort" value="alphabetic">
To order through a sequence of fields:
<input type=hidden name="sort" value="order:name1,name2,


Description: print_config allows you to specify which configuration variables you want to appear in the body of the email received.
By default, none of these configuration fields appear in the body of the emais, but if you want fields such as subject, email, etc appear, you can use this option.
If you want the email and subject fields appear in the body of the message, you must enter the following line:
<input type=hidden name="print_config" value="email,subject">

field: print_blank_fields

Description: print_blank_fields allows every field of the form, whether filled in or not, to be a part of the message received. This option is disactivated and fields not filled in will not be sent unless you activate this option.
To receive all the fields, including those not completed
<input type=hidden name="print_blank_fields" value="1">

field: missing_fields_redirect

Description: This field allows you to specify the URL address of the page to where your users should be sent in case the required fields are not completed.
<input type=hidden name="missing_fields_redirect"

All the other fields that are a part of your form will be sent to you via email and shown on the screen if you don't have a result page configured to receive the user once he has filled out the page.

There are no limits in the quantity of fields that you can use in the form, except those imposed by te browsers.

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